Land Use Law

Land Use Law

Land Use Law

Land use laws and zoning laws ensure that the development of public and private property aligns with local ordinances and state law. Land use law encompasses variances, zoning, permits, planning, entitlements, approvals, and other regulations. If you don't know the proper law, resolving a land issue can be stressful, and costly.

At Knight Law we solve all types of commercial land use problems for our clients. Our attorneys may be able to help make the entire process easier through multiple services, such as obtaining relevant permits, translating land use laws, and implementing solution strategies to help our clients move forward efficiently and effectively.

Land Use Disputes

The most common issues surrounding land use include impact fees, subdivision regulation, municipal annexation, development agreements, and redevelopment laws. In such instances, our experience with local real estate development laws, land use regulations, and zoning regulations can play a significant role in resolving the disputes.

Land Use Planning

We can assess zoning ordinances, local land development codes, development regulations, and other policies to determine that there are no restrictions and regulations that would shut down or slow down your proposed project. Our attorneys can negotiate the terms of easements, licenses, and development agreements.


Many Florida businesses and developers face land use violations such as cutting down trees without first obtaining a permit from the government. Others face violations in connection with building near a body of water, leaving debris, or other pollutants on property, and building and developing commercial property. Without a land use attorney to guide you, the city or municipality where you live might find you in violation of the local land laws.

Other Land Use Matters

​Our team of attorneys can also assist in the following areas:

  • Zoning, environmental issues , and subdivision regulations.
  • The filing and processing of traditional rezoning; variance and other applications;
  • Negotiations between municipalities and individuals.
  • Representation before local, regional and state agencies.
  • Administrative hearings.
  • Land development regulation drafting.
  • Developer agreements.
  • Commercial Landlord-Tenant.
  • Procurement and public / private partnerships.
  • Codes and violations.

Our Experience

Knight Law has attorneys on staff who have previously worked for cities and municipalities. As such, we are familiar with all of the nuances and details that come when land use is in play.  Missing one step when applying for a permit can have catastrophic consequences for years to come. Our team has developed close relationships with local cities and municipalities and as such, we can streamline and solve your land use problem in a quick and effective way.


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